At Work For You In the Collector's Office

Holly Simmerman

Chief Deputy Collector
5 years service

Laura Robertson

Bryant Office Manager
17 years service

Shellie Romero

Deputy Collector
7 years service

Jennifer Carter

Benton Office Supervisor
4 years service

Nicole Knight

Deputy Collector
2 years service

Carla Powell

Deputy Collector
1 year service

Laura Somers

Deputy Collector
1 year service

Jennifer Summerville

VA Coordinator
19 years service

Kathy Carlisle

Deputy Collector
12 years service

Natalie Holladay

Civitan Services P/T
9 years service

Cassandra Colon

Deputy Collector
2 years service

Rachel Gray

Improvement District Manager
3 years service

Tonya Boyce

Deputy Collector
2 years service


Recent Events

  • 62,000 tax statements for the 2015 tax year were mailed on March 5, 2016. 7,000 E-statements for the 2015 tax year were e-mailed on March 2, 2016.
    (A.C.A. §26-35-705)
  • All taxes unpaid after October 15 shall be considered as delinquent. When October 15 falls on a Saturday, the taxes shall become due and payable the following business day. This year’s collection day falls on Saturday causing the last day to pay 2015 taxes “without a penalty” to be on Monday, October 17 at midnight, 2016.
    (A.C.A. §26-36-201)
  • 17,000 delinquent tax statements were mailed on October 30.
  • Delinquent taxpayer list was published in the Benton Courier on November 30. State law requires that this list be published in a county newspaper prior to December 1.
    (A.C.A. §26-37-107)
  • Any time after October 15 each year, the county collector shall distrain sufficient goods belonging to the person charged with taxes levied upon the personal property to pay the taxes due upon the personal property of the person and a penalty of 25% thereon, which shall be collected by the county collector and paid into the county school fund.
    (A.C.A. §26-36-206)

How Can We Help You?

We can accept current year real estate taxes in installment payments if you are not delinquent on any previous year. You may pay any amount at any time between March 1 and October 15. Installment payments are not permitted on any delinquent accounts.

If you have lost or misplaced your tax statement, please let us know and we will send another. Call 501-303-5620 or email.

You can help us.

Tax statements are mailed to the address we have on file. In the event that the address of the taxpayer changes, the taxpayer has an obligation to furnish the correct address. Please keep us notified of your correct mailing address.
(A.C.A. §26-35-705)

Need more help?

Call 501-303-5620 or email.