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Collector's office sends email reminder.

28,000 email reminders have been sent to Saline County Taxpayers. CLICK HERE for details. Note countdown timer above.

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No taxpayer funds are being used for the construction, maintenance and hosting of this web site. No site work is being done on County time.

Saline County's first
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You may now search the entire tax collector's database for the payment status on all 91,000+ parcels.  Search by parcel ID, PPAN# or owner name.

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To be of service to all taxpayers, we will continually be exploring new ways to provide relevant, useful information.

This site has been built and is being maintained and hosted at no cost to the taxpayers of Saline County.

Do you qualify for VA
real estate tax exemption?

America is grateful for your service. All disabled Veterans should contact your state or local office for Veterans' affairs. Contact state offices HERE. Contact federal offices HERE. For local information call the Collector's office at 501-303-5620 and ask for the VA coordinator.

Important Tax Information

Change of address?

It is your responsibility to notify the collector of a change of address. CLICK HERE

VA Tax Exemption

Do you qualify for VA tax exemption? Get the details.

Office Locations

For in-person service, visit either of our 2 office locations.

School Funding

Property taxes fund quality schools for our children.

Homestead Credit

You may quality for a $350 credit on your primary residence.

Office Staff

The employees of the collector's office are here to help you.


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Important Tax Dates

March 1 - October 15: Real and personal taxes are due and payable.
(A.C.A. §26-36-201)
March 1 - July 1: Collector's office must mail or email tax bills in this time period.
(A.C.A. §26-35-705)
October 15: All taxes unpaid after October 15 shall be considered as delinquent.
(A.C.A. §26-36-201)
October 16: It is the duty of the county collector to extend a penalty of ten percent (10%) against all delinquent taxpayers that have not paid their taxes within the time limit specified, and the county collector shall collect this penalty.
(A.C.A. §26-36-201)
December 1: Deadline for publication of delinquent taxpayer list to a legal newspaper of the county.
(A.C.A. §26-37-107)